A water purifier is one of the most important equipment you need to have at home. As the name implies, it is designed to purify the water that your family drinks to ensure that it is safe and free of any harmful substances. There are many purifiers available in the market at a low-cost; hence, budget should never be an excuse for not having one.

Before you go out to shop for the best water purifier in the market, you need to read this guide. It is important to educate yourself about what makes a good quality water purifier in Australia rather than just sticking to the same old information.

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Types of Water Purifiers

When you shop for a water purifier, it is important to consider the type of technology used during the purification process. Here are the most common ones:

Gravity-based: This is the most budget-friendly off this list since it does not require the use of electricity to operate it. But the downside is that while it might be inexpensive, it can also be less effective in purifying the water as other types in the market.

• Reverse Osmosis: This is recommended for homeowners who live in an area wherein the water is known to contain high TDS level. This type of purification process can eliminate pesticides, arsenic, cadmium, fluoride and other toxins from the water. However, you need to look for an RO purifier that comes with a TDS controller so you do not eliminate minerals in the water that are also beneficial.

Ultraviolet: This is a simple yet effective way to purify water, which involves the use of a UV bulb. The UV light is known to kill bacteria and viruses that might be present in the water making it safe to drink.


It is important to invest in a water purifier that comes with its own tank. This will make it possible for you to store the purified water in a pristine container so that it won’t get contaminated again. The ideal size for a small family would be 5 to 7 liters in capacity. Meanwhile, for bigger families, you might want to invest in a purifier that can carry at least 10 liters of water.


The type of maintenance required is also a crucial factor to consider when looking for an Australia water purifier. You need to know how to maintain your purification system at home so that it will continue doing its job. Therefore, you must choose a water purification system that requires minimal maintenance. Some of the most common types of maintenance work that must be done on purifiers include changing the filter or the UV bulb (for Ultraviolet Water Purifiers).

It is also a good time to be reminded to buy your purifiers only from reputable stores and shops. If possible, choose ones that had been around for some time because they tend to offer the best post-sales service. After all, you are bound to encounter some issues with its use. You want to be able to get all the help you need in terms of keeping them functioning efficiently.