When looking for caterers Melbourne has to offer, you consider several things such as specialty, price, and the expertise of the catering company. But there is one aspect that most people tend to overlook that you cannot afford to. That concerns food safety when it comes to handling and food preparation. You should always consider the handling and preparation methods used by wedding caterers Melbourne has today to ensure that you can enjoy the food without worries.


In your search for a wedding catering service, here are a few important pointers to look into to ensure food safety:

Check Sanitary Certification

Make your life easy and ask for the certification from caterers Melbourne has before you choose them to cater your event. The certification rules will be different from one city to another. Hence, you want to make sure that they meet the standards set by the local regulating agency. A food safety certification will give you peace of mind knowing that experts have evaluated the caterer’s processes and equipment for safety. You should not hire a caterer who is unable to provide you with the food safety certification issued by the local government.

Check the Supplier

The caterer specializing in finger food Melbourne has to offer, or any type of caterer for that matter, should get their food supplies only from reputed ones. The supplier must also be able to provide the food safety certification. Without a quality supplier, the food prepared by your caterer could still be compromised. Hence, you should only work with a caterer that obtains their food supplies from the best sources.

Food Preparation Safety

The primary role of caterers Melbourne has will be to provide delicious and safe dishes for your guests to consume. Hence, they should give proper care and attention towards the food preparation process since this is where most of the contamination takes place. TCS is one concept that caterers know too well. The chosen caterer must strictly abide by this guideline. TCS stands for time and temperature control for safety.

Food Handling Safety

The food supplies they use for preparing the dishes should not be out of the refrigerator over the recommended time period. If they are out of the refrigerator for more than the recommended time frame, then they could have been contaminated and could result to food poisoning when consumed. Meanwhile, proper safety and sanitary guidelines should be observed with the food displays used during the event. They have to be properly sanitized to prevent contamination of the food.

Lastly, the staff handling and serving the food to your guests must also be properly trained when it comes to matters of food safety. They should always wear a bonnet to keep their hair off the food. Plus, they should always wear gloves to avoid contamination when transporting the food displays from the kitchen to the event venue. The food display containers should also be properly covered, especially when the food is served before the dining portion of the event.

Take note of these simple food safety pointers and use this as a reminder to take extra caution when hiring your caterer. For more details, just visit http://www.essentialcaterer.com.au.