It is a fact that the aged people need constant attention. If the aged are afflicted by any ailment, then you may have to care for them in the same manner as you care for an infant or a child. But, in this busy and competitive world, you will hardly find time to give that valued care to the aged. The problem gets compounded when you and your spouse are working. A report published by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Government of Australia, makes an interesting point that as on June 30, 2014, two out of every three aged people were in residential aged care.

Informal Residential Care

This underscores the importance of providing suitable aged care facilities for those elderly people. According to AIHW, caring for the aged can be classified into two, namely residential and community care services. Another report published by Productivity Commission, an authority established by the Government of Australia, points out that more than 80% of in home care is provided through informal processes like those provided with the help of friends or neighbors or other members of the family.

Eligibility for the Care Benefits

As a matter of fact, in order to provide effective aged care services, the government of Australia meets a portion of the expenditure spent by you on the care of elders in your family. In the normal course, the benefits under aged care are made available to those who are above 65 years of age. However, the benefits are normally considered on case to case basis and depending on the need, the benefit may be provided even to those who are below 65 years of age.

aged careConstitution of Assessment Team

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is one of the nodal agencies appointed by the Government of Australia to screen the persons eligible for the benefits under the aged care vacancies. The ACAT makes an assessment of the needs under both residential and community aged care services. For this purpose, the ACAT constitutes a team to assess the type of care needed by the individual aged person. In fact, the team is also constituted based on the type of care needed by the particular aged person. The team may consist of doctors or nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers as the case may be.

Other Agencies Caring for the Aged

The ACAT may also extend the benefits to those on respite care. But, this again depends on the assessment made by the members of team, especially constituted by the ACAT. In fact, in order to effectively implement the benefits of the program which are specially designed for the aged people, ACAT has two exclusively designed community based care programs namely Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Package Program (HCPP).  Apart from these, there are other agencies like the CDC (Consumer Directed Care) which have also introduced several programs for the benefit of caring for the aged.

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Caring for the aged is an important task; after all you are caring for those lives that cared for you during your childhood. Some of the elderly care services (check: have been doing an astounding job in the field of caring for the aged. You may visit those websites to get an insight into the type of care provided there.